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Welcome to EscortsNewZealand.co.nz ... this website contains information for new escorts looking to join the industry as well as plenty of links and information on finding and visiting escorts in New Zealand.

New Zealand has some of the most progressive and up to date laws on prostitution in the world and because of these laws, many new working girls to the industry have found that working for themselves and running their own business to be very rewarding.

Thanks to one website in particular www.newzealandgirls.co.nz there is a place where you can advertise your escort services and find escorts or sex in nz.

New Zealand Girls has grown to become the largest, most well known and most respected escort directory in New Zealand and the standards that are upheld by the team at New Zealand Girls are right up there with the top in the world.

NZGIRLS have revolutionized the escort and sensual massage industry by making advertising accessible to more escorts around the country. ALL ads on NZGIRLS are kept updated to the day ... you won't find any out of date ads on the website and you will be able to find just the right girl for you.

If you are an escort and would like to know more information about escorting in New Zealand then use the menu to the right or contact the team at New Zealand Girls by clicking HERE.

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Independent New Zealand Girls & Ladies

A wide selection of New Zealand girls are available as independent escorts. Price depends on many things (including location, services, incall vs outcall) but generally start from around NZ$140/hour. Read More about Independent New Zealand Girls & Ladies

Brothels & Escort Agencies in NZ

There are a wide variety of brothels (aka 'gentlemens clubs', 'escort agency') available in New Zealand. In Auckland alone there are 16 licenced brothels, but there are many more smaller owner operator run brothels as well. These owner operator brothels don't require licences if the operator lives on the premises, and employs only one full-time equivalent person. Read more about Brothels & Escort Agencies in NZ

Sensual Massage in NZ

There are a number of 'sensual massage' agencies that offer high quality massage services. Full sex is not offered, but the masseuses are fully trained to deliver slow, sexy, sensual massages. They generally offer massages (by topless or nude ladies), which include oiled body slides, breast sweeps, and sensual hand relief. The slang for these services might be 'rub and tug', but the better establishments provide an experience that goes far beyond a basic hand job. Read more about Sensual Massage in NZ

History of Prostitution in New Zealand

As the 'oldest profession in the world' it is only natural that prostition is document in the ealry colonial records of New Zealand. Forms of prositution occurred between New Zealand Maori, and European and American sailors. The town of Russell, in the Bay of Islands, was notorious for its brothels and escorts. Women were in short supply amongst the sailors and whalers who frequently docked into the Bay of Islands. Read more about the History of Prostitution in New Zealand

Prostitution Law in New Zealand

In 2003, the Prostitution Reform Act was passed by the New Zealand government. In short, this act made it legal for escorts to work in New Zealand. Brothels are now fully legal and regulated, and New Zealand escorts are covered by the same employee laws that protect other professions. New Zealand now has some of the most liberal prostitution laws in the world, and this is great news for all NZ escorts and their clients. Read more about Prostitution Law in New Zealand